The European gateway
to 6000+ hospitals
across the continent for
your medicines

The European gateway
to 5000+ hospitals
across the continent for
your medicines

Gain Streamlined And Fast Access To 30+ National And
Local European Healthcare Systems With One Partner.

Your Expanded Access partner in Europe

Your Expanded Access partner in Europe

EUROPACCESS is a dynamic partnership consisting of 7 leading European companies. By combining our strengths and resources, we are confident that we can make a
real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals through the continent.

Innovative Partnership

We are seven leading European pharmaceutical service
providers that have joined forces to improve the life of
patients and their access to innovative medicines.

Dedicated Teams

We are committed to making a real difference in the
practice of healthcare professionals by providing them
with access to new innovative treatments.

Local Presence

Together we bring decades of local presence in the
main European markets. We have developed a truly
unique understanding of national & regional health

About us

Seven companies. One partner.

CHAPPER healthcare is a leading global wholesaler of pharmaceuticals, specialising in importing and exporting pharmaceuticals to markets across the globe, - since 1975.

EURAXI is a leading CRO with over 35 years of experience, offering an innovative approach built on dedicated procedures and regulatory compliance to guarantee the success of your projects in France and abroad.

ILAPO is the German market leader for the import of unlicensed medicines. After 50 years in business, our core mission remains unchanged : bridging the drug supply gaps across the globe.

Intsel Chimos is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1966. We specialize in the importation, distribution, and the exploitation of innovative medicines and orphan drugs in France.

TETRAGO, an Italy-based pharma consulting company, offers an extensive range of services across supply chain management, customer experience, cost management, and organizational design.


PHARMA INTERNATIONAL is a warehouse distributor in Spain, leading for over 35 years in the importation of Medicines in Special Situations, Orphan Drugs, EAP of hospital use, and providing excellent service and flexibility in medical treatment supply from all around the world.


LENIS, a Slovenian distributor, specializes in commercializing specialty prescription medicines in the CEE region. They oversee the entire drug life cycle, from Early Access Programs to post-patent expiration, offering services such as regulatory support, market access, medical and commercial activities, and local pharmacovigilance.

Our Services

Dossier submission

We submit comprehensive documentation to regulatory agencies seeking approval for expanded access.

Storage & distribution

We deliver end-to-end supply chain management services to ensure seamless and efficient distribution of medicines.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that all products meet regulatory and quality standards.


We provide pharmacovigilance and medical information services to ensure that medicines are used safely and effectively.

Data collection & analysis

We implement data collection and analysis services to support decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

Reporting to Health Authorities

We ensure that all reporting to health authorities is accurate and timely.

Regulatory Affairs

We offer regulatory affairs services to ensure compliance with local and European regulations.

Product launch & marketing  

We support your teams in the launch and marketing of innovative products.

Make your products accessible to patients efficiently and fast.

EUROPACCESS is a partnership founded by seven leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry: CHAPPER healthcare (UK), EURAXI (FR), ILAPO (DE), Intsel Chimos (FR), TETRAGO (IT), LENIS (SLO), and PHARMA INTERNATIONAL (SP).

Each partner brings unique expertise and experience to the partnership, and together we form a powerful force for improving healthcare access and quality across Europe. With a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient care, our seven companies have come together to create a truly unique and valuable resource for the pharmaceutical industry.

A unique access to healthcare professionals across Europe.

Thanks to our long-standing local presence in the main European markets, working with EUROPACCESS offers a range of benefits:

Streamlined Logistics – We deliver streamlined logistics to ensure that medicines are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Services – We provide a range of services to support our manufacturer partners, including product launch and marketing, supply chain management, and pharmacovigilance.

Broader Distribution – We offer distribution to over 5000 hospitals across Europe, ensuring that medicines are available to those who need them.

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Your Expanded Access partner in Europe.

Seven companies. One partner.

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